A helping hand for homeless Veterans

A helping hand for homeless Veterans

Homelessness is a reality faced by too many Canadians, and many among them are Canada’s Veterans: men and women of all generations who wore our uniform. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Connection, community, and access to services and assistance can make a difference in their lives.

As an all-volunteer organization of serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces members and citizens at large, our goal is to help Canada’s veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  Soldiers Helping Soldiers helps connect them with the services and programs they need, including peer support, housing, and health providers.

Helping veterans reconnect

Helping veterans reconnect

Evidence shows that some members of the uniformed family struggle with wellness and can slip through the cracks in social support services at all levels, both while serving and after they leave the service. This can lead to further struggles, including a higher risk of becoming homeless.

Soldiers Helping Soldiers helps recognize and identify veterans among Canada’s homeless. We help put them in touch with local partners, programs, and service providers and offer companionship in their journey to recover from homelessness.

Veteran homelessness in Canada


homeless veterans
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10 years

average time after their service that veterans may become homeless


of veterans face difficulties transitioning from military service

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When I started volunteering with Soldiers Helping Soldiers, 
I didn’t know what to expect. But after almost seven years, 
I have come to appreciate that their needs are just like mine: They want to be happy, they want to be members of society, they want to be treated with dignity and feel like they belong.”

Sergeant(retired) Roxane Noseworthy,

Volunteer, Soldiers Helping Soldiers Ottawa

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Soldiers Helping Soldiers is a volunteer-based organization. Our success is based on the efforts of our compassionate and caring volunteers — serving military, veterans, and citizens at large.

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We promote partnerships with local military community and family organizations, housing, health and mental health services, and other community organizations. We enable veterans to access those partners to serve and address their individual needs.

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