Our mission

Our mission

Soldiers Helping Soldiers connects with homeless veterans and connects them to program and service providers, accelerating their recovery from homelessness.

What we do

We help connect Veterans in need with a network of support services, as well as providing assistance during appointments, interviews and completing paperwork. Our work includes:

Identifying and connecting with homeless veterans, wherever they are

Connecting veterans to organizations, resources and programs that can make a lasting difference

Integrating within and supporting a network of local support service providers

Providing recovering veterans with new tools, relationships, and support networks

Our Board of Directors

Lieutenant-General (retired)

Stuart Beare

Veteran, Chair

Chief Warrant Officer (retired)

Claude Dallaire

College Militaire Royale de St Jean,
Vice Chair


Nahie Bassett

Public Safety Canada,
Treasurer and Director


Peter Tilley

Executive Director Ottawa Mission,
Secretary and Director

Captain (Navy) (Retired)

Ian Paterson



Robroy Mackenzie

Chief of Reserves and Sergeant Vancouver Police Department – Director


Rebecca Paterson

National Defence – Director

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Soldiers Helping Soldiers is an entirely volunteer-based organization. Our success is based on the efforts of our compassionate and caring volunteers — serving military, veterans, and citizens at large.

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We promote partnership with local military community and family services, housing, health, civil services, and mental well-being organizations. We enable veterans to access those partners to serve and address their individual needs.

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